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Homeowner’s Insurance

You’ve worked hard to make your house a home. In fact, your home probably represents a large share of your financial wealth. To protect your investment, you want dependable insurance protection at the best value.

Advantage Insurance is your answer.

Coverage options:

Advantage Insurance Services Inc. offers flexible, affordable options that allow you to design the coverage that best meets your unique needs. For example, you may select individualized protection for your home and property against many common causes of loss such as:

Liability Protection

An important part of your homeowners policy is liability protection. If someone makes a claim of injury or property damage against you or your family, everything you own could be in jeopardy. Your Advantage Insurance Services Inc. policy protects you in situations such as:

Other Advantages at no extra cost

Additional Savings and Discounts

EXTRAS: Survive Identity Theft

Advantage Insurance Services Inc. has partnered with ID Theft Assist which offers new identity theft coverage that not only provides financial compensation, but also the expert assistance you need to get your identity back.

Ask one of our professional agents to evaluate your home insurance needs and recommend a plan tailored for you!

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Auto Insurance

With the protection of Advantage Auto Insurance, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. That’s because we offer you insurance plans that meet your needs for reliable coverage at an affordable price. Plus, our coverage is always backed by our commitment to customer service.

Give us a call, we’re here for you, Call Toll-Free: (800) 873-0337.

Protection for you and your family
Protection for your auto
Other advantages
Roadside Assistance Basic Services

From the highway to your driveway, you’re prepared for a roadside emergency anytime with our Roadside Assistance. It’s like having your own pit crew 24/7 and with one call you’ve got access to both claims and roadside service.

Special coverage for special parts

At Advantage Insurance Services Inc., we understand the need for quality auto insurance at a competitive price – and we have a plan that’s right for every driver. Contact us today to find the one that’s right for you!

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Life Insurance

Life, Term Insurance

Life insurance comes in two main forms—term and permanent. Term offers a death benefit for a specific period of time and little else. Permanent insurance accumulates a cash value in addition to a death benefit. With either type you can find a wide variety of options and can also choose from extra benefits, called "riders," to customize your plan.

Selecting the right type of life insurance depends on what you want it to do for you. To get the maximum protection for a limited period of time at the lowest initial outlay, the best choice usually is term insurance. On the other hand, permanent insurance makes sense if you want long-term coverage at a predictable premium and a way to accumulate funds for emergencies and future needs or opportunities.

You can customize life insurance to fit your needs:

Note: Our products are not available in all states; they are available only in states where the policy forms are approved.

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Workers Compensation

Commercial Insurance Services

Workers’ Compensation

Modern workers’ compensation laws have moved away from the concept that liability is based on negligence. Under current law, liability for occupational injuries and many diseases is charged directly to the employer, regardless of fault or negligence. Ultimately, every business must pass the cost of workers’ compensation on to its customers in the form of higher prices for goods and services. That makes your choice of an insurance partner for your workers’ compensation plan especially important.

Advantage Insurance Services Inc.’s Protection Plan Workers’ Compensation policy provides all of the protection needed by today’s businesses, including medical expenses, income and rehabilitation benefits. This coverage is available in most states where we do business.

Worker’s Compensation Benefits include:

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Discounts and Savings

To help you save money we offer a wide range of discounts on our already reasonable rates. One of our qualified insurance agents will assist you with your needs.

Additional Advantages:

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